Mobdro 2.0.60

MobdroIn this age of technology, it is not very difficult to find an app for basically anything. The difficult task is finding the one that best suits your needs. Better yet one app that suits all of your needs. When it comes to watching videos and / or TV and / or streaming them on the internet  then the one name you should definitely know is Mobdro. This is a unique application which is absolutely efficient in performing the functions it offers but in a different way than any of it’s contemporaries do. Unlike other apps, it has a list of channels that you select from rather than a particular show or episode that you want to watch. This adds to the element of surprise and makes the experience more exhilarating than any other apps and essentially mimics the traditional TV experience but covers a lot more platforms.

The version of Mobdro known as 2.0.60 has honed all of its previous features and functions to the finest. It has fixed each and every bug that were causing problems in the earlier versions. The bookmarking feature has been altered to accommodate more bookmarks than previously possible. The user interface has been improved according to the feedback from the users. The overall speed was enhanced by changing the search and lock pace that searches / browses the channels and locks on the channel you choose. TV streaming and the original TV channel streaming is much easier on this version comparatively. Overall it is an even experience.

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