What is Mobdro?

About MobdroAre you also among the one who are looking to get the answer of this question that “What is Mobdro”? Then this article is for you! Here in todays article I have addressed this query in great detail for many of such curious users who want to know more about this app which has went viral among masses.

Let me give you a basic idea about this app which is that it related to entertainment genre. If you are among those who love to stream videos and movies for free then this app is for you.

What is Mobdro App?

So let’s start addressing there query here for many of eager readers out there.

Mobdro is one of the best entertainment apps which let you stream videos and movies. This app is popular for streaming live sports matches including; Football, Cricket, Hokey etc. Mobdro is available for almost all apps which let all devices enjoy the online streaming and movie watching.

This app comes up with bookmarking feature which let you bookmark your video or movie. Moreover, the premium version of Mobdro let you download your favorite videos too.

The video library of Mobdro holds a wide range of videos on multiple genres like; sports, movies, documentaries, live streaming, and much more. It keeps on suggesting you best videos relevant to your favorite genre.

It is available to download for Android & iOS.

Mobdro TV Channels – Watch TV Online

Along with videos there are wide range of TV channels which Mobdro let users to watch which works similar as a TV. It has enabled a pocket TV feature which means you can access your favorite channel wherever and whenever you want.

The TV’s interface is very simple and easy to use which makes it a perfect user-friendly environment. The channel that Mobdro carries for you include Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CNBC, FX, ABC, and other famous channels.


Mobdro is considered as one of the best platforms to watch movies online that too for free. There are many movies you can watch. Moreover, specific channel genres have been added to make you stream movies online as per the channel’s scheduling.

User Experience

Mobdro offers the best user-friendly interface to the users. The app is well-categorized and organized in such a manner that even a nowise to the technology can use this app. All the features of this app like TV channels, online streaming, movies and shows are well categorized and sorted to make it easy for users to access.

Content Source

The content available on Mobdro does not belong to the app as it collects content from different free web sources and gathered them at single platform for making it easy to access. All the content is free to use to the users and does not put users under any obligation.


Now let me list out the features of Mobdro at one place to give a quick idea to the users about this app. So here you go;

  • It let the user to stream and watch free videos online on any device
  • All videos, shows, and channels are perfectly categorized
  • One of the best user-friendly apps available out there
  • Let user to bookmark any video or show for after-watching
  • Premium version of Mobdro let the users to download the videos or shows


This was my detailed answer on “What is Mobdro?” I am sure you guys must have well-understood about it now. If you still want to ask anything specifically about the app then you are free to ask anything you want using the comment’s box.

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