Mobdro iPad

Mobdro iPad

Mobdro iPadMobdro is an online video streaming application with supports a wide range of content from TV shows, movies, trending videos and other videos from the internet. Online streaming is on the great rise in these days and the video consumption is setting a trend for the user and many new applications are coming every day in the streaming market. But not all the application are up to the expectation of the user.

At many times, there is a need for more than an application for each category to watch videos. Example of your favorite TV show will be available in the one particular app and your movie that you need to watch will be a different application so there will a need to switch application to get your desired movies.  These apps will be an extra load to the application and to avoid these we have a solution of that makes it possible to view all the available content in the same application, that is Mobdro.

Mobdro App has a simple interface and a very good optimization. Mobdro has organized all the videos in the categories and it enables the user to easily search and view the application easily in it.

Mobdro has many excellent features. Mobdro allows you to save the video content for later viewing and you can watch the movies the later.  Mobdro also allows you share the watching videos with the friends and they can get to know what you are watching.

Mobdro also allows you to chromecast the video to large screen and you can watch the content on a big screen without much hustle.

Download Mobdro for iPad

Currently, Mobdro is not available on iOS devices.

Supported platforms: Android, PC, Chromecast, Kodi.

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