Download Mobdro 2.0.36

MobdroMobdro acts as a portal in your device that helps look for videos from YouTube and show cases it on your device so that they can be accessed by you. As much as the words speak, Mobdro does a lot more than that. Mobdro also holds a place of the best streaming app for Android devices.

It is something that can be easily used and does not require a manual guide or a set of instructions that would help you operate it. There is a vast magnitude of variety of entertainment offered to you from different streaming websites online, thus engaging you into various contents. The streaming does not halt or is prone to any troubleshoots, it functions itself very smoothly. You can easily download the Mobdro app by clicking on the link given below and the entertainment is all yours to enjoy!

Like any other application, Mobdro keeps having it’s latest updated versions and the latest one is Mobdro 2.0.36.┬áLet us list down the latest features that this version beholds for you –

  1. Improved systematic playback feature in the application.
  2. Minor bug fixes and other improvements in the speed and quality has been made.
  3. The live events feature where any kind of live event occurring that is being available on a website can be streamed in this application anytime you want it to.
  4. Videos had been stopping abruptly due a some technical glitches which have now however, been fixed.

Download Mobdro

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